Monday, December 31, 2012

Ch-ch-ch Changes....

One of the advantages of leaving home for a few days is that you get to see it with fresh eyes when you come home. After the kids had spent six days sharing a room in Arizona, we decided they are ready to do it full time. This was always my long-term plan. I have fond memories of sharing a room with my brother and the games we used to play at night when we were supposed to be sleeping. One of them involved throwing stuffed animals from the top bunk to the bottom. Another was called "Radio Station" and it involved me singing loudly until my brother yelled "switch" and then I would starting singing a different song. We were always so surprised when our parents came up to see why were still awake. But how did you know? we'd ask.
So, I'm looking forward to a good six years or so of all that. I'm also looking forward to Chris and I moving out of our little cold "temporary" bedroom we've been in for almost three years and into a room that will be warmer, if not any bigger. But first, we had to do some rearranging and purging and cleaning.
We got rid of some rickety old furniture and got a new storage unit to better organize toys.
Unity was a champ in helping put it together.

                                         And...organized! Chris predicts this will last six months.

We decided they are not quite ready for bunk beads yet, so the beds are
side-by-side for now.

                                              Blankets by Grandma Cindy.

Happy New Year y'all.


Mary-Jayne walker said...

the room looks great and I love the blankets. Happy New year! you guys are so cute.
PS this is Mary-Jayne

mama cindy said...

Wow! You were inspired in Arizona. The kids' room looks great, and very much like the one in AZ. Hope they will be inspired to keep it looking nice. Also hope you all will be sleeping well. Will the new bookcase be going in the yellow room now?