Wednesday, December 12, 2012

24 hours with the band

We love it when Uncle Michael's band come through town on a tour. They always crash with us and Chris or I (this time both!) get to go out and hear them play. It's a whirlwind as they drive in from somewhere and have just an hour or two before sound check and show set-up and then we get the next morning with them before they have to head out to the next stop.

But even with just a bit of time, we make room. For brunch and walks to school, for jam sessions with a real drum kit, and with bongos. For Chris to work the merch table and for both of us to watch the show.

We are always glad to be the Seattle stop on the tour.

1 comment:

mama cindy said...

A little bit of music and a whole lot of love. Yeah! Looking forward to sharing in that soon!