Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend- whew

Yes, Cooper is breakdancing.


My gracious, did we have a busy weekend! It was all really great though. We went to a birthday party for Sylvia, had a date night dance party, tried to finish up some packages and projects for our loved ones and for our adopt-a-family, opened our Saint Mikulas Day presents from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bill and hung them on the tree, and had a Chrismas carol sing-along with some friends from Meeting. As if that wasn't enough, I've decided to start a new project- embroidery. My friend Oma showed me this very cool pattern for an alphabet sampler using letters from lots of cool old vintage fonts. So I ordered the pattern, gathered the materials and this weekend I traced the pattern on to my fabric. Now, I can start teaching myself the stiches. Thanks Oma, I think.

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grandma cindy said...

Whew! You definitely are packing it in. We are here too. Love the dance party. Glad they liked their ornaments. Hope they like the little activity too. And as far as your new activity goes . . . it will make a lovely project for January!! :)

house full of jays said...

Oh, that pattern is beautiful! I need to teach myself cross stitch...I had plans for a Christmas gift but now it will be a fun January project.

oma said...

you can do it! we can puzzle over it together if you need, but i bet you can ace them all. :)

amanda {the habit of being} said...

i do love that sampler! it's on my uber long list of things to do/make. can't wait to see yours :)