Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fancy Unity

Do you remember when you were a kid and there was a fictional story that just really took over your imagination? I think most of us had that moment where we really tried to live inside the stories we loved. I remember asking my mom if she could make my hair look like Wily Kit from the Thundercats. I was so sad when that didn't work out.

Unity, as we all know by now, loves Fancy Nancy. She often tries to reinact scenes from Fancy Nancy books by drawing her own versions. Grandma Ann just sent the Fancy Nancy Christmas book (thanks Grandma!) and Unity has been busy trying to make her own version of Nancy's doll closet. She drew clothes for the dolls and used push pins to hang them up. It's amazing to see what she comes up with all on her own.

                               Ok it's super nerdy to post a picture of my food storage containers, but I am excited about them. And this is why. Over the years I have learned more and more about the chemicals that are in plastic and how bad they are for human health. Sadly, I learned this after Unity had been useing BPA bottles for about six months, but as soon as I learned it, I threw them out and got glass ones. BPA is an endocrine disrupter and has serious and long lasting effects on our bodies. It's in everything- so it's hard to avoid but I have been trying to cut back on the plastic as much as I can. The other thing is it's released by heat so please don't put your plastic in the dishwasher! Ok now I'm done with the public service annoucement. Anyway, one of the groups where I get a lot of my safety information from, the Environmental Working Group, had a special offer to buy glass food containers and it would benefit the EWG. Now, being the reusers that we are, we've had our plastic yogurt containers for a while. And I've been washing them by hand. But I got excited by the idea of getting rid of all that plastic, so I got the fancy new glass containers and I am pleased. (Yes, they have plastic lids. Sigh. I'm washing those by hand. I guess we just can't escape the plastic.)


grandma ann said...

I'm so glad she likes the book.I got one for Amy for her birthday and after looking at it, I thought Unity would like one too...before Christmas. It's a pleasure to see all the creative ideas she comes up with.

grandma cindy said...

Love, love, love Unity's closet! And yes, it does remind us of you too. I had thought about getting you glass storage containers, but the plastic held me back. You could use foil for a cover as long as it doesn't need to have anything stacked on it. Either way, good move.

Aunt Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, those paper doll clothes are so precious. Christmas is bringing out the crafty in all the kids - Frankie has spent the last couple of evenings making presents for Santa. He made Santa a Christmas card with pictures of clown fish and jellyfish - I will keep it forever!