Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

This week Unity's school was on Spring Break. We had lots of playdates with our friends at the kids museum and the zoo, we dyed eggs, we had a shoe store and we helped celebrate Reuben's birthday. Sorry this is so long, I meant to do a couple of smaller ones earlier in the week but you know...two kids all week long! We were just too busy.


Grandma Bette said...

What a fun week with friends. I'm so sorry I don't live closer. You know Grandma has a fetish for shoes; I would have visited your shoe store.
Beautiful children building many beautiful memories even though the days are busy. Much love

grandma ann said...

I love to see the pictures. I especially like to see the sight of
Ruben's family's garden. I was a guest last year and was so impressed to see the view from the deck again.I was there last year and admired the garden. Happy
birthday, Ruben.


grandma cindy said...

Keep those good times going! The eggs are beautiful (almost too pretty to eat). Oh, and would you ask Unity if she carries those pirate shoes in my size? I'll be back at school in about a week and they would be a big hit with the third graders! Love to all!!