Friday, June 26, 2015

No Rosie

We are lucky in many ways to have found the preschool that both kids have attended. The staff is amazing, very nurturing and creative and I've always felt good about leaving my kids in their care. One of the teachers is a singer/songwriter and for the past three years she has written small musicals based on kids books, for the kids to perform. This year's musical was called "No Rosie" based on the book Rosie Revere, Engineer. 
The kids love learning the songs and sing them constantly. When they get up on stage, some of them take it very seriously and concentrate on getting the words right. Some of them just let loose and dance all over the place. It is beyond charming to watch. 

As our five years at this school draw to a close, I am so appreciative of all the wonderful things our whole family has gained from being there. 

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