Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Back yard harvest and making lemonade

The blueberries have really come in, and they are lovely. So plump and juicy. I have some cherry tomatoes too which no one will eat but me. That's ok, I'll enjoy them.

Unity made some lemonade herself. She gets these ideas and then really wants to do it all right away. This time, it worked out. 

We went camping this past weekend with some friends. I didn't take my camera but we had a great time hiking and cooking over the fire and just being out in the trees. Maybe next time I'll remember to take some pictures. 

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grandma cindy said...

Yea for blueberries! I'm enjoying some every day, but I bet yours taste so much better since they came from your yard. Yea for Unity making her own lemonade. Yes, I'd like a glass, please. And finally, have the kids even tried the tomatoes? I can't imagine that they wouldn't love picking them and popping them into their mouths. I hope they change their minds. There are a whole lot of recipes I would love to cook for them if they acquire a taste for tomatoes.