Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What should we do?

Every year I struggle with the balance. In February, (yes you read that correctly) when it's time to sign up for summer camps, I think a lot about the balance. I want some structured time- because the camps are fun, because it separates the siblings, because she gets to do things she doesn't normally get to do. But I also value those long stretches of summer- when anything can happen, when their imaginations have free reign. When we spend handfuls of hours at the park or the pool or the library, just because we can. 

How can you tell how many of those days is the right amount, and when you've reached the tipping point into fighting and crankiness? And how can you make that call in February of all months?

So, I try. This year we have two solid weeks of nothing planned before a couple of camps start up. I've noticed it takes some time to ease into the summer schedule. The kids get so used to have every minute planned out at school, dotted with bells and finished off with a clock. It's a readjustment for all of us to realize that whatever we're doing, we can do it for as long as we feel inspired. 

Unity's been wanting to learn cursive. I don't even know if they teach it at schools anymore, but I think it's important so we're working on it over the summer. 

Self portrait by Brixton. 

If they tell me they're bored, I tell them I always have chores for them to do. 

I enjoy it, getting into this summer frame of mind.

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grandma cindy said...

Sounds to me like you have a good mix of activities planned. And how fun is it that Mr. B. likes to use the mini vac?