Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a little update

Chris has been home for about a week now.He is doing very well. We have a hospital bed and a wheelchair for him in the basement and he has been able to get himself around. He has been doing physical therapy and
he has even taken the city bus to work twice. It takes him about an hour and a half
but he likes the chance to get out of the house. 

At our last doctor visit, they removed his arm cast and gave him a brace. The doctor said that Chris was healing well and if it continues at this rate, he may be able to be on crutches around Thanksgiving. This is really amazing, since I had expected it to take much longer. 

Grandma Cindy is here and staying with us for a bit. She is basically co-parenting with me right now which is a huge relief and very helpful. 

We continue to be showered with love and support and meals and help, from near and far. 

I have such immense gratitude, to know such good people. 


oma said...

i was JUST about to email you and check in. so glad to hear things are moving along well. i will check in soon, but now that i know you guys are hanging in there, i'll go to bed. :) sending love your way.

grandma ann said...

Talked to Chris yesterday; he sounded very happy to be back to work.
I'll have to ask him what the deal is w/Brixton playing a full set of real drums!! Amazing!