Thursday, September 26, 2013

a few of my favorite (Fall) things

I do love this season. Cozy enough for a scarf but that clear kind of sun. The mellow introspective mood. The crunch of leaves under my boots. 

Making pumpkin muffins for the class snack.

Flannel sheets on the beds.

Pulling out the corduroy jackets and the pile of knit scarves and hats and gloves. 

Homemade potato chips in our potato soup. Isn't Chris clever?

Time to curl up with a book and a mug of something warm. Time to daydream about costumes and thankfulness and celebrations coming soon. 

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grandma cindy said...

I like your list of fall favorites. I also like that we got some very nice fall weather on our trip. And the leaves? The deep, vibrant reds were spectacular, especially in contrast to the green leaves still on the trees.