Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

The bags are unpacked, the to-do list has been pulled out and the toys are all over the floor again. Yep, we are back from our fantastic trip to Chicago. And all of a sudden, summer is down to a few last threads unspooling across the floor. 

I have to remember how to make dinner again, and pull out my meal plans and my trusty workhorses. I use other cookbooks but I always come back to these. And the coffee. Nothing happens without that. 

Yesterday I was at Target getting school supplies and a mom walked up and dropped a box of tissues in my cart. Her kids were laughing but really,we are all walking around with carts full of the exact same items. Totally understandable. 

We got a couple more of these too. Unity has been wearing all her party dresses, trying to squeeze in these last days of fancy. 

When I went to check out the garden for the first time in two weeks I found this: 

 It's the very first pear from Brixton's tree, the one we planted when he was born.His tree is old enough to bear fruit. I'm in awe.

Almost time for kraut.

My friend Alisa gave me a few bean seeds from her garden this spring. I planted them, not really knowing what to expect. Only one came up which is probably good, consider what this one has done.

This is the ants at the picnic dress that Chris and Unity made earlier in the year. It's a bit too big but that just means she can wear it longer, right? 


Uncle Michael said...

Ants at the picnic! Yes!

grandma cindy said...

I would much prefer that you were still here, but if you had to go back home, I'm happy to see such a fun post. The dress is lovely and the pear is special indeed!