Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the Yearly Meeting scarf

There is something about Quakers and the fabric arts. In almost every Quaker gathering, except Meeting for Worship, you will see at least ten percent of the room knitting, crocheting or doing needlepoint. I was trying to explain to someone how I feel like knitting helps me be a better listener, most of the time. It's something about occupying a certain part of my brain with a repetitive task, which allows the other parts of my brain more ability to focus. I think if I didn't knit during Meeting for Business, I would be more fidgety and distracted. I've noticed that when I don't bring my knitting, I notice other people knitting and my fingers itch.

So, this is my Yearly Meeting scarf. I started it in the car on the way to Oregon and carried it around with me for the five days we were there at annual session. For me it's seeped in the thoughts and ideas and Light that I was surrounded by, seeped in the occasion of meeting new people and deepening relationships. Being amazed again by the mystical and yet sometimes maddening Quaker process, and being so so thankful for the Religious Society of Friends.

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mama cindy said...

Your scarf is beautiful!!! Loved your thoughts too.