Monday, March 04, 2013

the band

When the band is here, they bring a whole different world with them. A world where people stay up late and leave for a new city every morning. A world of clubs and sound checks and opening bands, sleeping on floors and living out of duffle bags. And the music- at the end of the day that's why they do it. To stand there on the stage with that music they made.

So, we stayed up late. The kids had a sleepover, their first, with good friends of ours. And Chris and I had dinner and saw the show and crashed out at a quarter to one. The band came in later but they are always very good house guests.  We woke up and it was quiet. I can't tell you how strange that was.

We roused Uncle Michael and went to breakfast and Meeting, and then he had to hit the road.
So fast but worth it. That's how it is when the band is in town.

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mama cindy said...

Wonderful description. Sleepover? Can't wait to hear more! So glad you and Chris both got to go to the show. Wish we had been there too!!