Sunday, January 24, 2010

an update

Sorry we've been quiet around here lately. I've had some technical difficulties with blogspot, as well as being overwhelmed with preschool applications and the dismal news globally and nationally. So, here's an update- we're still here!


grandma cindy said...

Thanks so much. I love them all. Everyone looks great!! Glad to see that Papa likes painting right along with Unity.

grandma ann said...

Great pictures. Brixton looks "older" and is doing fine on his tummy. Brings a smile to my face on a rainy, gloomy winter morning!

Anonymous said...

So happy for the update. I kept checking each day, but thought you were all so busy with the two little ones. Brixton is growing so much and what a sweet face. Our precious Unity is as always a darling!
Much love to all of you,
Greandma Bette

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Great pics! Hope the preschool apps are going well and these kids are bringing smiles to your faces despite the very disheartening worldly events. Seeing these pictures always cheers me up!