Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heat Wave!

We've been having an unusual summer this year. It has rained once in the last couple of months and this last week the temperatures have been in the 90s each and every day. Yesterday we hit an all time official high of 103, breaking the record for July of 1994.

It may not seem that much when many other places regularly have similar, or hotter temperatures, but we really aren't set up for this kind of heat. Most people and businesses, us included, don't have air conditioning, or even fans. Luckily, our friend Dan was able to lend us two old fans of his. Even with these, it was 98 inside our house yesterday afternoon.

Extreme conditions require extreme reaction. We went to the mall. The one in Bellevue. It has a toddler play area and air conditioning. And we weren't the only people with the same idea. The play area was a little like 'Lord of the Flies':

You can't see it too well in the video, but most of the parents are sitting near the edge of the play area, looking quite shell shocked, letting their kids come up with their own form of government.

The only other picture I can share with you is this photo of our car dashboard, where the car thinks that it's 115 degrees out after being trapped in the oven.... err parking lot.

It is supposed to cool off for the rest of the week. Only 99 degrees today. Think cool thoughts for us!


pat said...

wow. your tomatos will like this.

grandma ann said...

Oh! My, my, my...the Bellevue Mall.
What a (cool) place. Hope you're surviving.

cdg said...

Yes, the garden has been loving the heat. The tomato plants in our green house are about 7 feet tall now. The only problem is that it is too hot to cook now!

grandma cindy said...

We had that kind of heat the first summer we were married. We drove to the mall in Paramus, NJ (more than one day I might add) - - air conditioned car to air conditioned mall. It's a plan. We didn't even buy anything either. **We have your weather here in Chicago. Do you want it back?

Anonymous said...

I just read in a travel magazine that this is the perfect time of year to visit Seattle. Sky is a little grey, but temperatures in low 80's.

Aunt Sara